I’m NYC’d out (For now) a YayNY! post

Posted on Aug 29, 2011

I’m NYC’d out (For now) a YayNY! post

There currently aren’t any pictures for this post, because I was too busy to take any. I’m sorry, I know it’s easier to read stuff with pics. So I drew some! YAY! (Click to embiggen)

I have never been to New York City before, but August was the month of New York apparently. I had a wedding on the 13th in White Plains, but spent a day or two in Brooklyn with my client turned new semi-BFF Zan. (Only semi, because I don’t know if she reciprocates or not) We went shopping with the amazing Katie Jane, I went back to Zan’s apartment to nap.  Zan came home, yelled at me for not eating (This is a recurring theme by the way) so I went out and got a NY bagel at like 1AM.  It was very bagel-y.

Zan and I woke up early (Like 4:30AM early) on Friday to take the train to the parts less citified. I to go to a wedding in White Plains (Shall leave you in suspense on that one for now), and she to go to the farm to help Stephen herd cattle.  I spent a LOT of time on Trains this trip.  Between the Train from Newark (Where I was straddling the gap between cars because it was too full.) and the subways back and forth in the city, and the train to White Plains, AND all the return trips, I got to be a pro.

White Plains wedding is beautiful, we leave the space around midnight, I go to the hotel, crash for a few hours, back up to go to drop off my car, take the train back to the city, and go to a party with the adorable APW book club at the Gingerman.  Which was AWESOME.  Then a quick 2 hour nap on the couch, and off to take the train to catch my flight.  Matt was so excited to see me again, and obviously the feeling was mutual.

Then Sunday, off to another wedding, and up on Monday to go to NYC for APW’s YayNY!  My legs are very angry with me for doing so much walking, but such is life.  Zan met me halfway from the subway around 11:30ish at night, then there was sleeping til I had to go meet Elizabeth from Lowehouse Creative at Starbucks across from Shake Shack.  We went across the street and hovered over a table til the woman sitting there felt very uncomfortable and left.  VICTORY!  Kari from The Handmade Event, and Meg from APW (Dur) showed up, and we talked about party stuffs and ate delicious delicious burgers.  *Drool*  Also the fries were very good but the shakes were a tad too malty for my tastes.

All of us having our assignments I went out to find champagne flutes, so off to Bowery St, which is in China Town.  Lesson #1:  Everyone takes cash, most business owners are disgusted if you offer them a Credit Card, so find an ATM and make good use out of it.  Lesson #2:  If there is, perchance, an earthquake while you are in a restaurant supply store in China Town, and a soy dish falls on your head, you will be christened as bad luck and the owner will refuse to sell anything to you.  Asking “You aren’t worried I’m not going to sue you?” only further convinces them of your bad luck.

After I got the champagne flutes back to the space, via a stereotyped cab ride, I helped Elizabeth load some supplies into the space, the went back to Zan’s where we worked on her new gorgeous Hernodale Weddings site til 1:30AMish. TOTALLY worth it by the way.

Wednesday morning I met Maddie from Hart and Sol  for cake prep, and started moving furniture around the venue space.  I did that until around 3:00 or so, where I had to go take a shower so I could go back to Katie Jane’s apartment and take some pictures for her fine art project, that’s all about bending light and photographing women on her roof.  I didn’t have time to flat iron my hair, so I borrowed some of Zan’s Deva Curl gel and went au naturel.  I also forgot to put mascara on.  (What can I say?  I was late?)  When I got to Katie Jane’s I met Amber (j’adore), and we went up to the roof.  Amber did her pics and they were gorgeous, then it was my turn.  Ummm it was windy, and I will let my edited illustration paint the picture for you.

So yes, that was fun…  Meg had her pics done, the AWESOME Lauren from Suburbalicious came by in a $15 Marshall’s dress that stunned everyone and made me feel like a bloated lump.  You know, because gorgeous blonde amazon goddess in flowing maxi dress vs stumpy little brunette who’d flashed half the population of Manhattan not 10 minutes ago.

After photos it was off to the Upper West Side, where nothing exciting really happened, but we ate FANTASTIC fried chicken at the Pink Tea Cup, I had mint chocolate chip gelatto in a sugar cone and am pretty sure I witnessed someone getting impregnated outside the gelatto shop.  Lauren came home with Zan and I since the hotel room we were supposed to share was ridiculously tiny.

Thursday, the day of YayNY.  Lauren and I left Zan’s with Lauren looking adorably urban chic, and I wore my PJs.  We stopped at an art store, then took the subway to 320 studios, to set up for the party.  There was much craziness that happened there (I met Mark from LeahandMark, didn’t realize he was THAT Mark and kind of blew him off, because I’m an ass.  Fortunately he’s a sweetheart and forgave me.)  My feet were swollen from so much walking (DAMN YOU NEW YORK) so my shoes weren’t cooperating and I only put them on in front of important people.  I also got a giant oil spot from the marinated Mozzerella balls on my new pink dress which Shout wipes only made worse.  (I was told it looked like a giant nipple so that’s great.  Also looking forward to getting tons of traffic for people who are searching for “giant nipple” and end up here.  HAHA!  Suckers.) There are many pictures where my hands are in a weird place or my dress is all stretched out like a tent (Like you can see here.  Also my face is scrunched with 8 chins because I’m trying not to cry), because I’m attempting to cover said stain.

Also, a quick shout out to Callie and San, who are some of the most beautiful sincere talented people I’ve ever met, both inside and out, not to mention, hilariously funny, and San has the best accent ever.  All my Boston based clients, if you don’t have a photographer, I referring you to them.  Because seriously, whoa.  And +Raven who’s deadpan humor was much appreciated, as was her view that people need to know when others appreciate how beautiful they are, and it doesn’t have to be weird.

I was able to witness both the weddings and while Cory and Aaron’s wedding was adorable and sweet and wonderful, I didn’t cry.  I was over the moon happy for them, but I didn’t cry.  Keep in mind that I didn’t cry at my own wedding, and only one of my clients’ weddings, so that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t emotionally invested.

The girls though…. Oh God.  For some reason, it hit me HARD.  When Anne brushed some smudge off of Leanne’s face I lost it.  There was much blinking.  And tears streaking everywhere.  But to be honest I didn’t really grasp the epicness of what was going on.  See, I have this problem, where, when I’m busy, I just focus on tasks.  That’s a great thing, but in this instance I was so busy prepping for the party and the weddings and all that stuff I didn’t really think about WHY we were doing it.  I live in a state that has had same sex marriage legalized for quite a bit, and we have laws against discrimination.  That being said, we don’t really have a very ummm, vocal gay population.  One of the few gay friends I had here ended up moving because he was beaten and being threatened by some locals.

It wasn’t til the party was almost over, when it was the staff members, some of the vendors, the DJ Whitney Day, and two guys, who had been rather quiet all night, but were quietly slow dancing together, and we all joined arms and danced around them to close the night, that it smacked me in the face, what a big freaking deal this was.

But it was all tangled up string in my brain until Emily and I sat down to do our interview for this secret thing that I shouldn’t talk about probably.  Suffice to say that the party itself was a HUGE hit.  Professional party goers were on the phone telling other people to show up.  I was dancing and I don’t dance.  Also, Mexican Coke is fantastic.  Anyways, party is over, I’m in my PJs again, she’s in her adorable ruffled mini dress, we were giggling hysterically and lounging on this white leather chaise that wasn’t good enough for Victoria Beckham, frustrating the hell out of the poor interviewer, and every few minutes we’d scream “SHUT UP! THIS IS FOR A *Secret thing*” Emily was doing creepy satanic doll/child school photography pictures, and was simultaneously hysterical/terrifying.

So we introduced ourselves, I forgot my business name and what I did (Doh, go me!)  But then we were talking about that night, and I was somehow able to vocalize all my brain vomit coherently.  About how it was heartbreaking to see these couples dancing, freely, unashamed of their love and who they are, and not have to worry about hiding it.  That all they want to do is love each other, a fundamental right that everyone should be given.  That the glory of their unadulterated love being able to shine freely was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever had the privilege to witness.

6 comments on “I’m NYC’d out (For now) a YayNY! post

  1. 1. I love your pictures
    2. MEXICAN COKE. Dude. There’s a reason it has coke in the name.

  2. Leanne on said:

    Hi Ang! It’s Leanne (of THE Anne and Leanne). Thank you SO MUCH for channeling all of that hard work and effort into what was a magical day for us. I am so grateful to you and everyone else involved for running all over the city, wrecking party dresses with cheese, and dancing until your faces fell off so that we could get married, for real. THANK YOU.

    • Hi Leanne!

      I was more than happy to, the two of you deserved it! I am so so so so so happy for you, and feel so privileged that I was able to witness how much you and Anne love each other.

  3. We California residents are well-acquainted with Mexican Coke (Mexicoke, we call it), and yeah. Once you go Mexicoke, there’s no going back.

    I totally have envy for everyone who got to go to Yay NY. Also, for all the hotness encapsulated in those pictures. Y’all looked great!

  4. I had no idea you were hit in the head by Chinese crockery! That stinks (but makes for a really funny story in print, so maybe it is worth it?)

    You were the queen on the NYC subway – and the queen of the cake slicing backbend – seriously people, check out this picture: http://apracticalwedding.com/2011/08/liveblogging-yay-new-york/

    so now that you can get everywhere possible via MTA you will have to come to all our bookclub meetings! I will always need someone to share fries with, and then we get your witty wisdom.

  5. Jennie on said:

    The pictures made your awesomeness even more evident. And I think you look cute in the dress-stretched-out picture.

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