Zan and Stephen

Posted on Aug 16, 2011

Zan and Stephen

So I’m going to start this blogging thing again.  But I’ve been waiting.  Because I wanted to start out with a bang, with something epic and awesome and wonderful and happy, and now it’s here.

The Couple

When my sponsored post went up on A Practical Wedding as a vendor, one of the first emails I got was from Zan.  I would post it in it’s entirety, but she already did that on her blog post about ME, and we all know how I hate redundancy.  Suffice to say that within five seconds, I looked up at Matt and said “I think I love her.”

The more I found out about Zan and her British Cowboy, the more I adored them.  I mean, God, how many times to you get to work with a hard core NYC Mexican Jew and a modeling British Cowboy?  That’s rhetorical, because you don’t.  I got the only ones, Muwahahaha!  But seriously though, forget the professionalism and portfolio expanding options, I really started to love and adore the two of them.  Not only are they obviously head over heels in love with each other, they are the most genuine, amazing heartfelt people you will ever meet in your entire life.  Just this weekend Zan gave me her apartment to stay in while I was in NYC, and offered it up again next week.  She has me guest posting on her blog, they’ve invited Matt and I to bring our dogs to the farm and visit.  They’re just ridiculously sweet, smart, funny, awesome, and the kind of grown up friends I always dreamed of having.

The Planning

I have to say, the level of thought and detail that went into EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of this wedding was immense.  There was nothing done just for giggles, it all had a purpose.  It was really important to them to keep everything local, not only to support the community but to support and share the farm Stephen works on and they live at. The flowers were from a grower who leases property on the farm, the food was from a local restaurant that gets their meats from the farm.  Instead of having everyone go to hotels, the night before, there was a camp out at Zan and Stephen’s house, for their friends from around the world to get together.

When I drove up, I totally read this as "Crap Wedding". I'm blaming the gas fumes in my car.

OH, before I say anything else, can I just say that they have the most AMAZING friends?  Bit of backstory, I found out I was going to have surgery like seriously, 3 days before the wedding.  It was one of those “You need surgery, your appointment is on this day, and if you don’t like it, well you can die for all we care, because the next available will be in 14 years.”  I was a bit nervous telling Zan about this, since well, I found out two weeks before her wedding, and I don’t really like freaking people out.  Not only was she great about it, she lectured almost EVERYONE that was coming that I wasn’t allowed to lift anything more than a pound, and basically gifted me her entire guest list as a staff.  (An incredibly brilliant, attractive, hard-working staff I might add)  Not to mention, they’re GREAT at parties.

A montage, because I can't pick a single favorite.

The Ceremony

The way very different cultures were fused to create a beautiful cohesive ceremony was awe inspiring.  Since they were already legally married (Due to a “HOLY SHIT” moment with Stephen’s immigration status), it really freed them up to do whatever they wanted with their ceremony.  Zan’s aunt officiated the ceremony Zan wrote, that infused Mexican traditions, like the lazzo that’s been used in every wedding in their family for generations, with Jewish ones, like the Chuppah, signing of the Ketubah and the breaking of the glass.  In homage to Stephen’s heritage, his dad read a passage from Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, while his mom made the beautiful quilt for the Chuppah.

None of this felt forced, and if you’d been living under a rock for your entire life, and this was your first exposure to the world at large, you never would have guessed that this was a mish-mash of different cultures and belief systems.  It flowed together beautifully.

Top Row: Lazzo, Middle Row: Breaking the Glass, Bottom Row: The Chuppah

The Details

While Zan and Stephen are pretty low maintenance, there were a LOT of details at this wedding.  Their photo/autograph guestbook started out as an accident, and turned into arguably one of the most successful things at the wedding.

A table that had vintage photos of weddings for generations back on both sides led up to the ceremony space.  Not only was it beautiful and sweet, but a point of conversation and great memories for many of the guests.  The intricate paper cut outs are called “Papel Picado” (NOT Pablo Picassos…) and we had them on both the photo and guest book tables, as well as lining the aisle.

We were outside, so of course bug spray was a rather important inclusion.  (So was sunscreen but we found out about that later.  Oops.)

Birch rounds were a recurring theme, the chuppah was made from them and they were part of the ring presentation and centerpieces as well.  Plus, we filled in a giant hole with them so people wouldn’t kill themselves, and claimed it was part of the rustic farm decor.

The rest of the centerpieces were some antique jars and bottles filled with flowers from the farm.

The Reception

There are so many ways you can say kick ass party.  This should pretty much involve all of them.  Seriously, Zan’s friend Paul made the end all, be all play list, EVERYONE was dancing, or hula hooping, or playing croquet/horse shoes, or chicken fighting, frolicking in the fields, or doing rope tricks. Also, there was a lot of carrying people at this wedding.  I have never seen so many people being carried short of fireman training.

The food was served family style, gorgeous, and delicious.  Good hearty farm food, but fancied up.  Instead of cake, there was pie and ice cream (from a local producer of course).

The Vendors

I got to work with some AMAZING vendors at this wedding.

Katie Jane Photography, took killer pictures.  Obviously, you know, because you’ve been looking at them.  I LOVE working with Katie Jane, mainly because she’s super sweet and adorable, and busts her butt for pretty classic clean wedding pics.  And she took a pic of a dead squirrel, which I’m still sad didn’t make it into the final showing.

Matthew Hanlon from Love & You video also took some amazing shots, and did a beautiful video clip that makes me bawl every time I watch it.

Andy from Sol Flower Farm was great to work with, went over and beyond, and seriously, look at this bouquet he whipped up in like two seconds.

The caterer, No 9 Restaurant‘s food was fantastic.

The Follow Up

I love Zan and Stephen and I love their wedding.  This was an epically long post, mainly because I was so attached to these two that I wanted their wedding pictures because I love them and they make me cry, not as portfolio pieces (Poor Katie Jane, having to wait a month for me to finally say “ARGH just give me the slideshow folder!”)

Another thing to mention, is if you fell in love with this wedding, you’re in luck.  Because Zan and Stephen’s wedding was such a hit, the farm is now going to be open as a wedding venue!  The website is currently under construction, but you can email her info [at], then you’ll get to work with Zan yourself!

So, as follow up, here are some portraits of the two of them, and also Lil, one of their dogs.  Because she’s adorable and I luff her.

All photos were taken by the fabulous Katie Jane, are protected under copyright license and used by permission.  They are not available for reproduction or redistribution.  If you do any of these I will find you, hunt you down, and stand menacingly outside your door with a baseball bat.  Just FYI.

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  1. Kristy on said:

    YOU ARE THE WEDDING JEDI! Love this :)

  2. ddayporter on said:

    aww great post. you so perfectly describe the amazingness of Zan and Stephen. they are truly the most wonderful people. and I’ve only actually spent a couple hours with them in real life!

    also yes, by all accounts it does seem true that you are a wedding jedi!! :)

  3. I really feel I will love these two, and must meet them next time I’m in NY, because of all I’ve been hearing and reading about them. Awesome Ang, so great to see Katie Jane’s pictures!!

  4. Morgan on said:

    Wow I love your sense of humor–had to see the blog. Seriously these shots look great!

  5. Love this! These pics are so great. Thanks for being such a great wedding planner, love your story of the day!

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