Throwing monies at Moxie & Oliver

Posted on Feb 8, 2012

Throwing monies at Moxie & Oliver

Trying out something new here.  I troll the internet more than is probably healthy and as a result I find cool stuff.  Usually I end up bookmarking it, and the good stuff I’ll visit every once in awhile to drool a little, or *gasp* actually BUY something from them.  I thought it would only be fair to share these with you so you can drool over them too.  Now far be it from me to contribute to the already consumerist wedding culture, but some of the things I find will be awesome for adding wedding details, will make a killer gift, OR you can use them as sources for birthdays, anniversaries, or I love you presents (Never underestimate the power of a random I love you gift)

I’m starting out with Moxie and Oliver.  I first discovered them when I worked for a dog boutique, and I was sourcing awesome hand made collars for giant breed dogs.  My Great Dane still wears his collar from there, and over the years it has gotten butter soft.  I found Caitlin’s work on Etsy and about peed myself.  Her specialty is branded and painted leather work, everything she touches is AMAZINGNESS.  She’s expanded both her pattern choices and the items she offers since I last visited.  So I got lost there today and figured I should share some of my favorites with you.  I also want to point out that leather can be the 3rd and 9th anniversary gift.  So good you get it twice! *

I had a bit of an issue trying to figure out how I wanted to break this all down, focusing on items or patterns.  The patterns range from weathered vintage, to loud pops of color, day of the dead, owls, dragons, tattoos, koi, floral, contemporary, not to mention custom work, so having to pick out a favorite just isn’t going to happen.  (With the exception of one)  So click to visit the patterns, and make sure to block a good hour of your time out.

Guitar Straps

My husband is a musician, and he’s getting one of these for his birthday as a red herring. (He’s also getting a guitar, but that’s a surprise and another story entirely.) Don’t worry about him not being surprised, he never reads my blog.  ANYWAYS, the selection of guitar straps is ridiculous, from delicate and feminine, to strongly textured.  Fantastic option for the guitar/banjo player in your life.


Forget the awesomeness that is flasks in general, Moxie and Oliver offer KEYCHAIN FLASKS!  You can be all “Oh it’s just a ridiculously cool keychain” and then BAM, it serves booze.  All the flasks are made with stainless steel wrapped in leather, and not only available in keychain sizes, but also come in 4, 6, and 8 ounce options.  Killer attendant gifts, “Yay for legal drinking birthday”presents and subtle “Get your drink on” gifts.

iPad Case

Speaking as a technophile, I know there are a ton of cases out there.  But I have yet to come across anything like the Electronics Cases Moxie and Oliver offers.  They are gorgeous, vibrant and come in different style options (Full portfolio VS booklet), in addition to having silicone inlay for added gadget protection.  You can choose from iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Nooks, and laptop sleeves.


I don’t care how many digital clocks you have around you, there’s just something about a watch, (why else do we always look at our wrist, even if we aren’t wearing a watch?) and fortunately there are a ton of options here.  From wrap arounds to cuffs, skinny to fat, you can definitely find a great statement piece you’ll like.  All the watches are custom sized to your wrist, and some patterns have dimensional add ons.


You’re not going to get these at Homegoods.  Fantastic housewarming or wedding gift, the trays are a perfect for injecting personality, even in an apartment or dorm housing.  These aren’t meant to hide under cheese and crackers, but to greet you as soon as you come through the door, to hold your keys, phone, mail, or loose change.  It’s leather, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it, and baby head/eyeball/finger friendly.


I kind of love notebooks and journals, when I was a kid, I spent all my money on stationery to fill with hopes, dreams, and do my taxes (I was a weird responsible child).  Life would’ve been a lot easier if I had one of these REFILLABLE blank notebooks/journals.  An idea I love is , include them in your relationship, or marriage, choose a journal, and write letters to each other every week, to exchange on your anniversary.

I want to talk a little bit about one of my favorite patterns Moxie and Oliver offers.  It’s the Smokey, and while it comes in multiple variations, basically what it boils down to is you get your words branded into the leather.  Now the traditional options are poems, love letters, or song lyrics (I almost put “No Children” on Matt’s guitar strap then it lost the coin toss), but I think there are so many more options.  What I think would be brilliant is, if you have your vows done in this pattern, then do a gift exchange at the altar.  “I seal my vows with this flask, for you to remember me by when I drive you to drink.”  “As a testament to my vows, I give you this satchel, to remind you I’m here to help carry your burdens”.

There are SO many options here, and Caitlin told me that she’s going to be working on more wedding related items (She’s already done this custom belt to go over a wedding dress).  And did I mention that you can set up a gift registry?  So peruse at your leisure, and rest assured that you’re supporting a small business that provides quality, handmade, gorgeous artistic work.


*I know some people find leather unethical.  That is a totally and completely valid opinion.  That being said, I love leather, I love the smell, I love the texture, I love how the more you beat the crap out of it, the softer it gets, and especially love how if you take care of it, leather pieces can become heirlooms.  As someone who eats meat on a regular basis, I think it’s important to use all parts of the animal, skin included.

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  1. …And, thank you for adding “keychain flask” to the list of things I must someday own. LOVE.

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