Do you need a wedding planner?

I’ve been a pretty vocal proponent of not everyone needs a wedding planner.  But there can be a lot of inner turmoil about if you should hire someone or go it alone.  We’re going to figure it out right now, but in order to do that, we have to all be on the same page, so let’s start making some assumptions.

#1 – There is something you’re worried/not enjoying about wedding planning

Contrary to the storybooks, wedding planning is work, and like most jobs, there is stuff about it you’re not going to enjoy.  Add to that the fact that weddings are fraught with emotional expectations, you’re going to have some dramas to deal with.  Seriously, sane rational people become nuts when it comes to weddings, I don’t know why, but I have a bunch of theories.  There’s also only so much time during the day, and more than likely you’re going to be holding down a job or going to school, or raising a family, or whatever, and wedding planning can be a huge time suck.

On the other hand, maybe everything is going beautifully, and you’re paranoid, because you know this is too easy.  You might not be being honest with yourself right now, you could have some unseated worries that you don’t want to voice out loud in case you jinx yourself.  You want an insurance policy, where if/when something goes down, you’re taken care of.

#2 – Specifically it is ____________

You want to get into specifics?  Let’s see:

  • Hiring vendors – You’ve never hired a personal photographer before, or you don’t know the first thing about flowers.  How are you supposed to know what venues are good and who is burying a bunch of legalese back loops that end up giving you the finger on your wedding day?  Why are catering prices so crazy?  It’s just food!
  • Logistics – There are just so many people.  Too many people, too many things, too many moving pieces, and this thing affects that thing, which makes this thing have to get rescheduled, and OMG what do you mean there’s a parade that day?
  • People – There are vendor type people, but also family and friend people.  Some might be overbearing, demanding and pushy, others might be people you thought you could depend on, and they’ve fallen off the face of the earth.  Which is not nice, and might make you cry.
  • Creativity – When you aren’t planning a wedding, it’s fun to plan one.  Does that make sense?  It’s like the difference between playing house, and moving into your first apartment, all the sudden the decisions you make matter, they aren’t just floating around in the realm of possibility any more, you’re going to make them happen, and sometimes that’s wicked scary.
  • Time – We’re busy people.  I’m pretty sure you’re either working or in school, or nursing exotic wildlife back to health.  Taking on what amounts to an additional full time job isn’t really that feasible most of the time.
#3 – You want ______________

If you close your eyes, let your mind drift, and are honest with yourself, you know what you want out of your wedding.  It might be buried under obligations and what everyone’s been insisting you want, but it’s in there.  No matter if it’s a heartfelt small ceremony, a raucous dance party, an amazing dinner, a day where no one fights, a time for you to show off the place you live and love in, an opportunity to make people laugh, or whatever, it’s sitting there in your unconscious waiting for you to realize it.

Don’t get me wrong, figuring out what you truly are wanting out of this wedding is not easy, women especially are conditioned to be told what they want to the point it’s pretty hard to distinguish reality from brainwashing.  Even being able to drag that information out into the open can feel like a huge victory.  It’s the biggest hurdle, because without knowing what you want, there is no starting point.  You aren’t even treading water at that point, you’re driving around in the pool’s parking lot convincing yourself you’re swimming.

#4 – I can help with _____________ (Whatever that may be)

You would be very hard pressed to find a wedding related situation that I haven’t taken care of before.  I’ve done weddings during hurricanes, talked down angry drunks, witnessed a bridesmaid be sewn into her dress, pacified disgruntled police officers, dealt with any kind of family drama imaginable, and got the party going again after the ambulance left.  I’ve saved clients tens of thousands of dollars, created a wedding wonderland, found replacement vendors at a moment’s notice, sourced impossible to find decor, put out so many metaphorical fires I have a metaphorical helmet and badge.  (Do firemen get badges?  They should.  Badges are cool as are firemen.)

My whole nature is to examine a problem and fix it the best way possible, no muss, no fuss, no drama.  No knee jerk rections, no throwing money at problems to make them go away.  Just results.

#5 – You Ready?  Let’s do this thing.


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