Ang, the proprietor of Lowbrow Events, is amazing. After attending a number of relatives’ weddings where their parents did all of the planning and day-of execution, we recognized how vital it was to have someone there to help us plan and run everything. We also had to deal with family drama, so having someone there who could act as a go-between in difficult family situations was a must.

Ang was immediately helpful from the very beginning, as said family drama started to materialize during the planning process. She enthusiastically volunteered to play shuttle diplomacy with the parents and buffer us from any destructive communications. She also made sure we hadn’t overlooked anything in the planning process. But Ang really shined when she arrived (we were many states away, but we still went with her). Ang spent the entire weekend with her ‘clipboard of power,’ making sure everything was paid for, cars and family members were where they needed to be, last minute decorations were put up, etc. She had even arranged contingency plans with the local police in case the family drama got out of hand (which it almost did…). We could not have hoped for better help to make the party we spent a year planning go any better.

All in all, Ang was key to our successful event and I would strongly recommend her to anyone anywhere planning an event.

Danny & Miriam

If I was planning my wedding all over again and I knew Ang existed, I would pay at least DOUBLE what we paid her. In all actuality, there is no price that you can put on Ang and her expertise. True story, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy my wedding day, mainly because I am a giant spaz and tend to stress out a LOT. Ang was there for me every step of the way, even though I had “only” booked her for day-of coordination. She is so much more than a wedding planner. She is a therapist, a strategist, an analyst, a crafter, a sounding board, and an all-around beautiful human being.


Ang figured out ways to wrangle both my and my now-husband’s divorced families (no small feat), put together our floral centerpieces the morning of the wedding, carried the world’s most complete emergency kit (with Tide pads, great for getting some random dirt off of my dress post-photos), made sure that I ate, and checked in throughout the evening to ensure that things were happening how we wanted them to be happening. It was amazing to not have to worry about a single thing on such a busy and important day. I can honestly say that because of Ang, I was able to let go, breathe, and fully be present and enjoy my wedding day.


And THAT is why Ang is priceless. Seriously, if you need a wedding planner (in any capacity), book Ang. You will NOT regret it, and bonues – you’ll get to make an awesome new friend.

Alison & Ken

Ang is awesome. Not just in the way that you say that burger was awesome, or your new food processor is awesome, but literally, inspiring awe and wonder. Ang knows her stuff and knows how to get things done right, on a jaw-dropping level.

My now-husband and I got engaged in December. We called Ang, based on reading about her and her all-inclusive services, and knowing that it would be especially challenging to plan a wedding in Vermont from our home base in DC. She earned her keep in the first month with her humor and practicality, helping us find less-obvious venues, scheduling and screening caterers and venues so we got the major pieces decided in one 2-day trip to Vermont, and generally helping us keep our focus (and direct our funds) on what was important to us for our wedding. She maintained that support all the way through the months leading to our wedding, really kicking into high gear in the final month. Her concern was not just with the event itself, but with my husband and me — making sure that we were not stressing out or arguing over name cards or doing anything but eagerly anticipating our future wedded bliss and a fabulous weekend with our family and friends. This support continued the day of, when she set everything up at our venues and wrangled all of our vendors. I think the biggest compliment to Ang is that we and our guests never worried about what would happen next — there were no “where do I go now” or “where’s the food” questions. Everything just worked. So all we had to do was show up, get married and have the time of our lives.

Now, when we look back on the wedding weekend, we realize that the reason everything worked so well is because Ang was involved in every detail. She helped arrange an all-star team of the photographer, DJ, caterer, florist, venue… the list goes on and on. We could not have had such an amazing wedding without her!

Amy & Miles

Ang, is absolutely incredible. She worked with us before the wedding to make sure all was lined up and seamlessly took care of all of the weekend issues that arose, logistics that needed to be sorted out with poise, grace, and a wonderful sense of humor. I give her my highest recommendation.


Anne & Sean

We could not have been more pleased with our wedding planner. We used Ang as a “day-of” coordinator, but she was so much more than that! The day-of services include multiple phone calls leading up to the wedding, where she provided us with great ideas and things to think about. She came the night before the wedding to lead the rehearsal with our enormous wedding party which she took right in stride. On the day of the wedding, she handled everything from vendor tips to bringing us snacks! Although we were very organized and felt like we had things under control, Ang’s services still turned out to be invaluable. Her warm personality and creative energy made her a pleasure to work with, and we would highly recommend her to everyone!


Sherri & Anne Marie

On the day of the wedding, while we were getting ourselves ready she was getting everything else ready. The peace of mind that came with knowing that someone else had a handle on things and that truly, I did not need to worry, was amazing. Ang arranged all our flowers, made sure the chairs were where they were supposed to be, made sure our decorations were up, that the food was going to be ready, that the music was cued up, that we drank water and didn’t pass out. She knew that there’d be enough forks and spoons for dessert, deputized a friend to make sure we ate something, took care of the programs being handed out, made sure the ketubah and pen safely under the chuppah. Details? Check, check.

Of course stuff went wrong, but we never knew about it until afterwards because no sooner did something go awry than Ang was there, fixing it. Amazing.

You know what else? In addition to being a super-on-top-of-her-game wedding planner Ang is also a really nice person. When you are crying in your childhood bedroom because everyone sucks, the wedding stress is getting to you and you don’t even want to do this anymore, of course not one of your best friends will pick up their stupid cell phones. In desperation you wind up breaking down and calling the wedding planner who you hardly know, and if your planner is Ang she will pick up the phone, say “Oh Honey, what happened?” and listen to you be ridiculous while not making you feel like an idiot in the process.

I love me some Ang.

Zan & Stephen

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Would this be an inappropriate time to tell everyone how much I love Ang? I think that woman needs to get a job as a mind reader, and get paid a f***ton of money for it, like as a consultant for wayward companies that are too incompetent to figure out what they want out of meetings. She just walks up to the CEO, reads his/her mind, and comes up with a mission statement. Come to think of that, I think every CEO should have one.

Anyway, Ang rocks in that apparently you can send her long paragraphs of disorganized wedding-related vomit, and she can figure out the exact right two sentences to summarize it into something coherent. It’s like a super power. All Hail Ang.


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